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The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom (Roman Catholic) Call to God and the Holy Cross of Christ; Blessed be the  Lord Jesus Christ who died on the wood of the Holy Cross for our sins. Differences Between Orthodox and Catholic - Ukrainian Orthodoxy
Stations of the Cross Oh Holy Cross of Christ be with us. The Nicene Creed
Litany of the Sacred Passion Oh Holy Cross of Christ be be our trust. Apostolic Tradition
The Litany Of The Saints Oh Holy Cross of Christ be  for us the true light of our salvation. A Treasure Of 188 Novena Prayers
The Te Deum Oh Holy Cross of Christ be  for us the true light of our salvation. Catholic Biblical Apologetics
Novena To Saint Joseph Oh Holy Cross of Christ turn from us all enemy weapons. Novena To Saint Anthony
The Litany Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Oh Holy Cross of Christ keep far from us all evil. The Litany Of Saint Therese
A Universal Prayer For All Things Necessary To Salvation Oh Holy Cross of Christ fill us with all good things through thee: Oh Holy Cross of Christ I go the way of my sanctification. History of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
Apostolic Tradition | Catholic Answers Oh Holy Cross of Christ keep us from all bodily need. Catholic Answers
The Orthodox Roman Catholic Oh crucified Jesus of Nazareth have mercy on us that satan may withdraw from us visibibly and invisibly from now and forever. Eastern Orthodoxy | Catholic Answers
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To honor the suffering of Jesus, to honor his most precious blood, to honor his ignominious death, to honor his incarnation and resurrection through which he wanted to bring us to our salvation. Traditional Catholic Prayers
A Short Cyberbook of Traditional Prayers
Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg As true as that Jesus was born on Holy Christmas Night, as true as that Jesus was circumcised, as true as that the Three Kings brought gifts on the thirteenth day: as true as that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday: as true as that Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus down from the Cross and laid him in the tomb: as true as that Jesus rose on the third day and ascended heaven, even so fervently we hope that the Lord Jesus will defend us against all our enemies visible and invisible from now and forever. Gregorian, Julian & Revised Julian Calendars explained
Morning Rule of Prayer
Oh Heavenly Father in to thy hands I commend my spirit! Jesus, Mary, Ann. Jesus, Mary and Joseph;  Jesus, Mary, Joachim accompany us to eternal joy! The Eastern Catholic Churches
A Short Historical Summary of the Ukrainian Catholics in Canada Prayer: Oh Lord Jesus through the bitterness that though didst suffer on the Holy Cross for us especially as thy most Holy Soul left thy body have mercy on our poor souls when we leave this world! Oh dearest Jesus give us the courage to carry our cross with thee.  Teach us to suffer without complaint, to find joy in suffering, and to make need a virtue. History - Ukrainian Churches in Canada
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May the almighty power of the FATHER cover us, the wisdom of the SON govern us, the grace and strength of the HOLY SPIRIT protect us, may the most blessed HOLY TRINITY take us up and bring our souls to eternal life! Ukrainian Catholic - Questions and Answers
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Looking for original Prayer Card

 Have you seen this prayer?

There is a story behind this page. This prayer was given to me as prayer card more than 20 years ago.  Over time, the prayer card was lost, and now all I have left is a very worn, old, and fading photocopy.  This page was published to preserve its memory.

If you have a copy, or if you know where a copy can be purchased, please email me at the address listed on the bottom of this page.

This powerful call and prayer to the HOLY CROSS of CHRIST, which is HEALING for all humanity, was found on the TOMB of  OUR LORD in 1505.  The Emperor Charles received it from the Pope as he was going in to battle, and he sent it to MONT-SAINT MICHEL in France where it may be read wonderfully written in golden letters on a shield.

WHOEVER PRAYS THIS PRAYER DAILY WITH DEVOTION, OR WHO PRAYS DAILY 5 OUR FATHERS AND HAIL MARY'S TO HONOR THE BITTER PASSION AND DEATH OF OUR DEAR LORD JESUS, will never die a sudden death, nor be drowned, nor burn in any fire, nor be defeated in battle, nor will poison take affect on him.

A woman in labour who prays this prayer, or hears it prayed, will be unbound at once, and will be a happy mother, and the newborn child will be free from any misfortunes if one lays this prayer on his right side.

Whoever CARRIES this prayer will be free from contagious diseases. Whoever brings this prayer from house to house will be BLESSED!  


Whomever prays this prayer daily, or hears it prayed, will get a sign from GOD 3 days before his death, namely this is the day of my death.  PRAY FOR THE POOR SOULS.


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